If you are ever travelling and by chance found yourself in the vicinity of Johor Bahru, trying to look for a place with good eats and at the same time, not burning a hole into your wallet, look no further than Pusat Makanan Cedar Point, located at Taman Century.

A food galore in its own right, sporting almost a hundred different stalls catering to different culinary cravings of its many patrons, locals -along with foreigners; frequent this particular food centre for both the variety and also affordability.

As far as food is concerned, given its multitude of stalls, figuring out what is best to eat might be a tad difficult but fret not, as we give you a run through on what's worthy of your palate. In terms of the main course, for a more substantial portion in one sitting, patrons can opt for delicacies such as aromatic claypot chicken rice, savory and spicy curry fish head, and succulent, delectable grilled seafood. Go for the stingrays, in particular. Not to mention that they also have economy rice, Chinese stir-fry and steamboat, just to name an additional few.

Also taking into account that this particular food centre opens its doors to patrons to the late hours of the night, late night snacks for supper are widely available as well. Pork satays are one of the all-time local favourites here, garnering much attention from the crowd, along with fragrantly roasted chicken wingsAside from that, rojak kangkung with squid cutlets are also quite the crowd pleaser. And if you are up for regional specialties, Cedar Point has it too, in the form of Penang's notorious oyster omelette.