With a flamboyant exterior -to catch the eye of hungry humans on the prowl; coupled with a quaint interior design largely depicting the theme revolving around the unique Malay culture, Pondok M.S. Beryani provides patrons the setting they need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the working life and settle down for the moment for a good, hearty meal. And in Pondok M.S. Beryani, they are reputable as one of the best purveyor of Nasi Briyani in Johor.

The reason for that is rather obvious. The making of nasi briyani requires extensive preparation and meticulous supervision in its cooking process and the staff in Pondok M.S. Beryani dedicated plenty of time, effort and attention to achieve a good plate of nasi briyani. As a result, their briyani come off as almost perfect, with the cooked Basmati rice grains fluffy and loose, accompanied by an aromatic whiff of spices and meat.

Of course, the rice is not the only star player on the field when it comes to serving good authentic nasi briyani. Any diehard briyani fan would know that a good piece of curry chicken, beef or lamb is necessary to bring out the best in the dish and needless to say, the guys at Pondok M.S. Briyani delivers.

Succulent, tender and juicy, the meats -whether poultry or cattle; having sat in the spice infused curry for long periods of time, have absorbed all the richness of the curry, thus bringing forth an array of delectable flavors as customers chow down on the dish.

More often than not, Pondok M.S. Beryani's customer base are mainly comprised of white-collared workers out for lunch, and in order to heighten efficiency in serving a hearty meal, set meals are part of the menu as well. Apart from the nasi briyani and meat, the set comes with gulai and also acar buah, providing more flavor to the mix as well as ensuring a well rounded meal.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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