Olla Restaurant @ Hotel Granada Johor Bahru

Hotel Granada Johor Bahru at Bukit Indah is a Business Class Hotel, offering a wide range of 192 luxuriously appointed accommodation rooms. This hotel provides facilities and amenities as well as pulsating food & beverage outlets offering various dining options of local and international cuisine incorporated with recreation & entertainment, namely the Olla Restaurant, and Quando Quando Pub. Olla Restaurant’s concept is to provide the best of what can be sourced locally, with the key man behind the scenes being Executive Chef Peter Lim, who has had a lifetime in kitchens all around the world.

When it comes to the local delights served here, the standout here has to be the Hainanese chicken rice; a dish that allows Chef Peter to proudly share his Hainanese heritage. The dish comes with all the essentials of a plate of chicken rice which includes a mound of chicken broth infused rice, thick soy sauce, citrus chilli paste, ground garlic and ginger paste, and a bowl of chicken broth. Besides this, Chef Peter also tries his hand at a Sabahan delicacy, the Oxtail Asam Pedas. For the uninitiated, the dish features an oxtail that’s stewed with local herbs and spices to the point of tenderness and is served in a claypot in a relatively dry state, with additional asam pedas sauce provided in a gravy boat. The gravy was a blend of tangy, sweet, and spicy.


From all of this, it is certain that Olla Restaurant at Hotel Granada is a must-visit place for an eclectic and delectable spread of local food.

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