Niniq at Taman Setia Tropika is the second branch of this part bakery, part bistro café. This branch has two floors to the shop; ground floor for café and bakery, and upstairs for private functions as Niniq is also cater to these kinds of events with their catering services.

The shop has a strong Indonesian influence due to Niniq’s owner’s mother hailing from Surabaya, Indonesia. The influence can be seen in the elegant decorations, as well as the part of the menu selection. Most of the décor be it on the wall of the furniture is generally made out of wood that is skilfully carved. Such design can also be seen on the cover of their menu where a carved wood piece decorated the front of it. The name of the establishment also stemmed from the Indonesian word ‘ninik’ that is an endearing term to mean ‘little girl’.

As both a bistro and a bakery, Niniq is as popular for their cakes and dessert as they are with their cooked meals. The idea, however, is perfect as guests would enjoy having Niniq’s wonderful dessert after every scrumptious meal. Starting with the bakery, Niniq caters to amazing themed cakes, cupcakes, cakes on display made fresh every day, chocolate cakes, and many more.

Their Chocolate Decadence is a dome shaped cake, also named the CCTV cake by their customers, is full of sinful indulgence. The Tiramisu is one of their best seller and their cupcakes are not just divine in taste but also the presentation that’s to die for.

The bistro offers a number of selections, from the west to the northeast, and down to Southeast Asia. Few worthy mentions include the Indonesian style ‘Ayam Goreng’ Rice Platter, Shanghai Prawn Noodle, and the Mushroom Soup

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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