The history of New Hong Kong Restaurant began in 1954 where a few Hong Kong people then decided to migrate to Johor. What started as a coffee shop selling noodles has expanded as the years go by until the existing restaurant today. Back then the restaurant was already popular as the location makes it easy for sailors to frequent and news travel fast by word of mouth. Now, with a long history and the same authentic delicacy, New Hong Kong Restaurant is still one of the best.

There are so many types of food offered here but are generally divided into dim sum and a la carte. The a la carte selection is more general that comprises anything that is not dim sum but can also be part of a package meal. During festive season, New Hong Kong Restaurant offers various attractive packages for the whole family to enjoy. Some of their signature dishes include the Chilli Crab, Crispy Chicken, Coffee Pork Ribs, and Crispy Bean curd. Using a masterful technique of roasting meat with charcoal, their roasted meat dishes have found popularity among the customers.

Even so, the much talked about servings here is the dim sum. Notable ones are the Siew Mai, Crab Meat Dumpling in Clear Soup, and the Steamed Pork Ribs with Black Bean Sauce. The classic Siew Mai is given the superior breath with its golden yellow crab roe topping, and a filling of pork and prawn.

The sizable crab dumpling is plump to look at and the soup is healthily flavourful, while the ribs are boiled ‘till decadently tender, soaking up the flavour of the black bean sauce.

Although not the cheapest around, the history and quality makes it a worthwhile visit to sample the best of Hong Kong authenticity. 

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