Along a row of shophouses in Taman Pelangi ranging from reflexology and massage services to eateries serving up Asian and Western fare, lies Nam Moon Korean BBQ. This restaurant has been one of the go-to destinations for great and affordable Korean food for the past few years. It even attracts diners from Singapore, who have to drive through the Causeway to get to it. Nam Moon does a great job of the interior that helps provide an easy going dining experience, with a spacious dining area and smokeless grill setups on each table, including the sunken seats.

As far as the food is concerned, the main attraction of the restaurant is definitely the BBQ dishes (as the name of the restaurant would imply). At this restaurant, customers should naturally expect the full package which includes about 14 sides (banchan) which include kimchi, pickled vegetables, fresh vegetables, quail eggs, and much more. As for the meats, customers can choose to have their favourite proteins, be it pork, chicken, and beef. The meats and sides can be eaten together with salad leaves and roasted garlic that can also be topped up at will.

In terms of other Korean dishes that can be enjoyed, some Korean favourites like Bimbimbap and a number of different Korean pancakes can be had. On top of this, other dishes like cold noodles, stir-fried noodles and kimchi soup is also available.

So head on down to Nam Moon Korean BBQ to enjoy great, affordable Korean food in the state of Johor.