There is much talk about the Perling chicken curry mee by Johor Bahru locals. The place is actually called MWS Restaurant and is located in Taman Perling. They started from being a nameless street hawker stall. Due to the amount of support from locals, they managed to shift to a newer, bigger shop lot with free Wi-Fi service. However, success did not get into the owner’s heads as they still provide friendly and attentive service and is truly appreciative of the support of customers.

The interior of the restaurant itself is simple but comfortable, with nothing much to shout about. However, the food they serve speaks a different story. Their signature Curry Mee is extremely delectable, topped with heaps of fluffy potatoes, dried tofu and chunks of chickens. The curry broth is thick with coconut milk but not overwhelmingly creamy and well-flavoured with ground spices. Do not worry, as it is not unbearably spicy. The dried tofu is juicy, having soaked up the rich curry soup and the pieces of chicken are tender and fresh.

You can also opt to have your curry chicken with white rice instead of noodles. It definitely tastes good with fluffy white rice with its combination of spicy and savoury flavour. Some might even reach for a second helping of rice. Their Curry Chicken will remind many patrons of mum’s cooking, with its understated and unpretentious presentation and genuine taste. If you are looking to have something else, you can sample their Wantan Mee which is showered with an ample amoung of spring onion, shallots, chicken shreds and char siew. Even better, you can have some Curry Chicken showered on your Wantan Mee.

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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