A newly start up cafe among the many that has been mushrooming around Johor Bahru only recently, Mug Experience Restaurant not long ago has first opened its door the folks in JB back in the beginning of 2016. Interestingly, the name Mug Experience is a dead giveaway on the concept of what this restaurant put forth. Yes, you guess that right folks, their specialties are succulently packed in form of a mug. Technically inside of the mug of course that ranging from the classic chocolate ice blended to a tangy and fizzier lemon soda. The MUG’s mug do receives its own spotlight but nevertheless MUG Experience’s scrumptious looking burgers are what make customers go gaga.

Beckoning its eater to finish the whole burger in one go, the burgers here are appealing and a definite must have whenever you get a chance to step into MUG Experience. A little twist added to the side, MUG has its own challenge called MUG burger challenge whereby patrons can challenge themselves by eating their RM22 burger within 3 minute. And the catch despite getting to munch on a delectable burger patty for free? To be featured in their hall of fame of course! Other type of dishes are also available such as the classic Fish and Chips, or perhaps a little fusion of Westernized dish to our local delicacies infused in MUG’s Chicken Black Pepper with Rice. Their hearty meal is a catch but MUG’s Hot, Spicy, and Cheesy Fries would be the perfect light sample to snack on. 

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday
Friday, Saturday

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