Daddy Chen and Mummy Chen who own 40 years experience in selling prawn noodles from a small stall to now, they have their own shop which named "百合虾面".After decades of research and development, they produce the most preserved fresh prawn soup. The fresh and sweet-savory prawn soup, combined with the use of barbecue charcoal for 24 hours, all the essences of the fresh prawn head and the prawn shell are given out!

Special chili powder and chili sauce for customers to add their favorite spicy, with wild shrimp, as well as: small ribs, pigtails, flower meat, powder sausage, and other ingredients!

Home-made shrimp wanton with a crispy crust. Each of it is fully stuffed with meat filling.

There are few more side dishes for you to choose such as fried prawn cake, fried pork belly, and fresh prawn soup.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday

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