Whenever you are around Johor Bahru area, you should stop by a restaurant named Malam Indah Selalu located at the very famous Senibong Seafood Village. Apparently, this is the most famous Nasi Lemak stall in JB. It has gained so much reputation among the local residents and they even have a particular name for it – Senibong Nasi Lemak. This joint is situated in the vibrant green and blue houses over the seashore. The local folks love to drop by due to its location and the open air concept. You can enjoy your food while enjoying the beautiful view of the sea and the windy sea breeze. During night time, it is even more beautiful because you will get to eat nasi lemak under the moon and stars.


Upon ordering, you will get a plate of delicious creamy coconut rice, some vegetables, a papadum, and a sunny side up egg. However, you can always add on delightful side dishes such as fried fish, beef rendang, sambal sotong, sambal chicken, chicken rendang, ayam masak merah and fried chicken. The aroma of the nasi lemak will bring back good memories of your grandma’s cooking – delicate yet unique hint of coconut with a scent of pandan leaves. As for the sambal, it has a sour, tangy, sweet and slightly spicy taste to it. You can also find pieces of anchovies in the sambal which enhance its overall flavours. You can also add more sambal to fit your likings.


Besides that, chicken satay is also available on the menu. For some refreshment after a heavy meal, go for their refreshing coconut water and sugarcane juice or the all time favourite, Teh Tarik. This restaurant has their own loyal customers from all over Malaysia and Singapore. So don’t forget to head over to Malam Indah Selalu and who knows you might become one of their loyal customers too!

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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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