Did you know that there is vegan fast food chain available in Malaysia? Apparently, vegetarian have their own fast food restaurant that offers plenty of wholesome vegetarian options and it is called Loving Hut. First Loving Hut outlet was opened in Taipei on 28 April 2008 after getting inspired by their concerns on global warming issues. Being the fastest growing international vegan fast food chain, Loving Hut is all about wholesome vegan (free of animal) ingredients while suggesting a starting point for patrons who are making the virtuous transition to a plant-based diet.


Don’t let the word vegetarian scares you. Once you take a peek on their menu, you will instantly love it. From little mock meat, fresh vegetables, mushroom dishes, to the vegetarian steak, you will enjoy every single dish that they have to offer. To start off your meal, why not give the Dry Chili with Mushroom a try. The platter consists of a chewy touch enhanced by a slightly spicy flavour with lots of capsicums, baby corn and cauliflower. Perfect to stimulate your taste bud.


For a change, go for their Thai green curry. With a soupy consistency and lots of meaty mushrooms, this one is ideal for a family meal. Since it is not too spicy, the flavours of the authentic Thai green curry were well in place which makes it suitable for kids. Don’t forget to order their refreshing drinks including Sunny Forest, Rose Lemon Juice, and non-alcoholic beer to wash down the food. As for desserts, Mango with Snowball that consists of fresh mango chunks on mango puree, with jelly and flour balls would be the perfect treat to end your meal!

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday

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