Kimdo BBQ is a chain of restaurant specialising in BBQ dishes as well as a few Asian dishes. The restaurant has a number of branches spread throughout the country, namely in places such as Sunway Pyramid, Taman Sentosa, as well as the City Square mall and Sutera Mall in Johor Bahru. Kimdo BBQ is the brainchild of Johorian husband and wife duo, Mr. Lim Hwa Huk and Mrs. Teo Hook Seng. The duo were initially in food and beverage industry together prior to the opening of the restaurant, and realised the market opportunity to put out their rendition of BBQ dishes. As such, their very first owned restaurant in Taman Sentosa opened on New Year’s Day of 1983, and have not looked back since.

As the name would suggest, the restaurant is very well known for the BBQ dishes, in particular, the BBQ single bone chicken wings, which only uses the middle joint of the chicken wing, where the meat is the juiciest and most tender as well as having the best balance of fat, skin and flesh. Besides the chicken wings, there are a wide variety of BBQ items that can be enjoyed such as long beans, stink beans, brinjal, scallop, squid, ladies’ fingers, broccoli, sausages, and a whole lot more. For those looking to step outside the confines of BBQ dishes, Kimdo BBQ also serves a good bowl of lau shu fen noodles.

In short, if you’re looking to satiate your craving for chicken wings and BBQ, Kimdo BBQ should be on the top of the priority list.