If you ever caught yourself looking for a savoury piece of naan action in Johor Bahru, head on over to Jalan Perdagangan 9 and keep your eyes peeled for a particular food joint called Kedai Jalal. More often than not frequented by locals, this hidden gem has its own tricks in terms of dishing out cleverly innovative culinary delight. Serving primarily your everyday Indian Muslim fare comprising of naan and Tandoori, this roadside restaurant of sorts has garnered many followers over the years.

In general, patrons who visits the premises tend to order the all-time favourite cheese naan with complimentary succulent Tandoori chicken. Baked in huge tandoor clay oven, the bread tend to turn out crispy on the outside but soft and chewy on the inside. Coupled with the presence of cheese, all gooey and sinfully melted, that is one tantalising dish too hard to stay away from. 

Not to be outdone by the cheese naan, the Tandoori chicken dish is also more than decent enough to stand on its own. Grilled in the very same ceramic oven that is used for the naan, the chicken is coated with rich marinate of herbs and spices and the result is an eye-catching red coloration in which the Tandoori chicken is well-known for. Slightly dry due to the process of charring on the outside, the chicken is surprisingly juicy in the flesh. Shredding the Tandoori chicken into strips and eating it along with the spongy naan is a must as the flavours compliments each other. 

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