A subsidiary of the JWC (Just Want Coffee) concept cafes sprouting all across Johor like mushrooms after a rain-storm, JWC Homies caters to the needs of potential patrons who wishes to relax and unwind in a cafe that feels pretty much like home. With naturally bright lighting and artistic interior design that brings out the good vibes into the atmosphere, coupled with good eats that hits right at the spot, anyone will be hard pressed in not wanting to stay for extended periods of time.

In terms of the food served, JWC Homies dishes out quite the breakfast-and-brunch fare that is available throughout the entire length of the day. From their own rendition of big breakfasts to their signature bagel brunch set (comprised of sauteed wild mushrooms, smoked ham slices perched on scrambled eggs and of course, freshly baked home-made bagels) couple with their assortment of delectable sandwiches, JWC will make you put your thinking cap on in regards to choosing what to eat when perusing their menu.

Of course, being quite the notable brand in terms of cafe outlets, JWC Homies dishes out pretty sick coffee and other caffeinated beverages as well. From your ordinary mug of warm cappuccino to their specially home-made Cold Brew, coffee aficionados will not be disappointed.

And if that didn't pique your interest, take a look instead at their dessert selection that comprises of waffles, cakes and also assortments of ice creams. One of their renown dessert brings about a combination of both caffeine and sweets, the Cotton Candy Affogato; so if the contradicting flavours of sweet and bitter rocks your boat, that is one dessert made specially for you.