Smell those steamy, salty takoyaki, warm dough, and Japanese mayo? That, my friends, is the essence of street food. Ichiban Takoyaki is a food outlet under JC Global Sdn. Bhd. that offers various delicious munchies and light meals for customers who are on the go and wants something simple. The concept is straightforward; you order, grab and go. This halal certificate fast food chain can be spotted in five different shopping malls in Johor Bahru. Since it is just a small fast food stand, you can only find bar-like seating for a quick bite. Specialises in Japanese and Taiwanese delicacies, this one instantly became the talk of the town due to its delicious and authentic street food.


The eatery serves quite a number of delicacy including takoyaki, kaya balls, waffle, twist potato, crepe, corn, hotdog, and chicken shop. If you have never heard of takoyaki before, you should definitely try it. It is a flour grilled ball that consists of green onion, ginger, and octopus as fillings. The dish is best consume with the special takoyaki sauce that taste like oyster sauce, mayonnaise, and Bonito flakes. This snack is famous in Osaka, Japan, but having it here which also tastes almost the same as the originals make it a lot easier for the locals to enjoy it.


Kaya Balls are also another popular item here at Ichiban Takoyaki. The fluffy green balls are filled with delicious kaya filling and if you eat it warm, you can taste the tasty kaya burst and melts in your mouth. Ichiban Takoyaki might just be a simple stall located in a few malls around Johor Bahru, but its delicious and quality food really made it stand out from the rest.

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