Heng Heng Chicken Rice is a Chinese restaurant located in the corner of the rustic backstreets of Kulai specialising in Hainanese chicken rice (not to be confused with the Heng Heng Chicken Rice stall in Maxwell Food Court in Singapore). The restaurant was founded in 1977, as such, the interior has a bare bones approach to the décor and has a laid back atmosphere that harkens back to the 1970’s. Heng Heng Chicken Rice has 4 outlets scattered across Kulai town, which is a strong indicator of their popularity in the Kulai area. The restaurant is currently run by the second generation boss, Ah Kang, who is helming the founder's shop.

As far as the food is concerned, the restaurant’s claim to fame includes their Hong Kong roasts, especially in the case of the chicken that has been charcoal roasted before being deep fried. This makes the chicken succulent and tender with a crispy skin that’s a delight to dig into. The other well-known item here is the roast pork, which has been regularly recommended by the original owner. As with any good chicken rice eatery, the rice served here is soaked in chicken broth for added flavour. To go along with the chicken rice, sides such as thick sweetened soy sauce, as well as the ground garlic and ginger paste can be had to further enhance the plate.


In short, Heng Heng Chicken Rice is most certainly one of the go-to places for great chicken rice in Johor Bahru.