Standing adjacent to the Puteri Harbour in Johor is Hotel Jen, which was previously known as Traders Hotel before rebranding. Hotel Jen is under the management of the Shangri-La International Hotel Management group. At Hotel Jen, hotel guests and diners can have a relaxing stay, have a feast in the in-house restaurants, or just chill and have a drink at the lobby lounge or the rooftop of bar of the hotel. One of the standouts in this list of facilities and features is the Harbour Cafe.

At the Harbour Cafe, you can expect to enjoy a variety of signature dishes, international and local dishes. The menu changes greatly depending on the time of day. For instance, you can expect to have a variety of breakfast items including cereal, eggs, roti canai, noodle soup dishes, waffles, pancakes, and a wide selection of smoothies to wash it all down. On the other hand, for dinner, especially on weekends, an international seafood buffet is the main attraction. Seafood items like crabs, mussels, sushi, sashimi, seafood pasta, seafood dim sum and much more are to be had at the buffet. There is also a large selection of desserts to be had to pleasantly end the buffet experience, as seen in items like nyonya kuihs, crepes, fondue, creme brulee and much more.

So if you're ever in Johor, whether it be to see family, friends, or visit the many attractions available in the state, do check out the Harbour Cafe at Hotel Jen. To make your stay even more easy going, it is a good idea to book a room at Hotel Jen for easy access to the cafe.

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