Located near Sunway Johor Bahru and Austin Heights International School, E&Y Harmonium Bistro holds the spotlight to not only the residents nearby but also to the students for a great ‘mamak’ stall hangout.

Patrons mainly come here to order their Maggi Goreng and they claim it to be the best in the area. The noodles are fried to still maintain the bouncy effect and not drowned in egg as it is already blended together properly.

The curry here is known to be very tasty and goes well with any roti or naan; or to just have it on its own. The waiters are very generous with the sauce therefore you are able to enjoy it to your own satisfaction with maybe no leftovers at all! Other dishes include Nasi Goreng Ayam.

Their Nasi Pattaya is one of the interesting ones. The rice is first fried thoroughly to a neat dark brown without too much black sauce before wrapping it into a well-cooked omelette. The combination is then carefully placed onto a plate so it would not break and some chili sauce is used to draw the letters ‘E&Y’ before being presented. Now anybody can know that the dish is genuinely made by the professionals at E&Y Harmonium Bistro.

Since it is constantly hot in Johor, this place caters coconut juice for its customers. Not only does it come as a whole coconut so you can scoop the meat as well, but it is also freshly cut therefore you do not have to worry about it being refrigerated. The fruit is considered one of the huge ones therefore it is enjoyable with a great deal for those who love coconuts. You can order the Rojak as well if you like a 'wet' one, but you are able to request for less sauce.

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