Degree Neg 196 is one of the rare ice cream parlours nestled in Johor Bahru. They specialize in liquid nitrogen ice cream, which uses nitrogen in its liquid form to concoct their ice cream instead of water. The extremely low boiling point of liquid nitrogen, which is at -210 degree Celsius enables the ice cream to be smoother than those made from water. This is because fewer ice crystals are formed due to the short freezing time and the ones that are formed are smaller.

The interior of the shop is spacious and cosy, decorated in the modern industrial style characteristic of most cafes with steel chairs and wooden tables. Illustrations and flow charts that depict the production process of nitrogen ice cream can be found on one of the chalkboard-green walls. Yellow fluorescent lights contribute to the relaxed atmosphere of the parlour.

They offer a wide variety of ice-cream, including the conventional flavours such as strawberry and chocolate and also unique flavours such as durian and coconut. They are constantly coming up with new flavours, so do watch out! Their ice-cream is served in dainty paper cups and will definitely cool you down from the scorching Malaysian heat. Smooth and creamy, it is every ice-cream lover’s dream.

They also have a selection of dessert which has elements of ice cream in it. Their waffles with ice cream is delectable, topped with fruits such as strawberries and blackcurrants and accompanied by a huge scoop of ice cream. Crispy on the outside but fluffy on the inside, the warm waffles definitely go well with the sweet, cold ice cream. Their Nitrogen Taiyaki Fish Waffle Ice Cream is also a must try, giving a smooth spin to this traditional Japanese dessert.

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Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

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