D’Shanghai is considered as one of the best dim sum restaurant in Johor Bahru. Despite having the very famous Dragon-i restaurant around, local folks still prefer to come by to any of their three outlets in JB to experience great quality dim sum. For the KSL City Mall Branch, you can easily spot the entrance by their elegant dining are. Once you are in, you will get this elegant and cosy set up with a very spacious dining area. The place is suitable for gatherings, be it large group of family or office mates. 


To start off your meal, Rice Rolls are highly recommended by their regulars. The delicacy consists of a layer of rice sheet or better known as chee cheong fun, a layer of bean curd skin with yam and carrot paste as filling. The dish is not only tasty but it is also unique and very inventive. Just like any other dim sum restaurants, D’Shanghai is also well known for their xiao long bao aka mini broth bun. You will love how thin is the bun outer skin enabling you to see through the fillings of the bun. If you are bored in having the usual steamed golden lava bun, then you have come to the right place. D’Shanghai served their own version of golden lava bun which are deep-fried instead of being steamed.  The crispy outer skin will definitely provide layers of different biting texture.


Don’t forget to try their other signature cuisine, the lotus leaf rice. The sticky rice is cooked alongside preserved meat and dried mushrooms. The aroma of the lotus leaf is nicely combined with the rice and the seasoning is also well done which is not too salty. However, if you are in the mood for steamboat, this restaurant is also offering them. For mouth-watering dim sum, great ambience, and reasonable price, D’Shanghai is without a doubt a place to be.

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