Cookie & Ginger is nestled among the shop lots of Taman Adda Heights in Johor Bahru. With it’s green sign board and awning, it is hard to miss. Extremely favoured by the local community, they serve halal American-Western dishes. Even patrons from Singapore frequently travel across the border to sample their food. The interior spots a retro décor with orange walls and yellow lights. It is air-conditioned and comfortable, providing a relaxing ambience for friends and family alike to hang out and chit chat at. Sometimes, a live band composed to their own staffs will be playing. They only open for dinner service from 4pm to 10pm, though.

The menu is extensive, spoiling customers with choices. C & G Boomerang (Smoked Beef Short Ribs) is a must try, and definitely a boomerang you wouldn’t be tempted to throw. The rib is smothered in appetizing BBQ sauce and fresh herbs, which will ensure that you consume the rib till the bones are glistening clean. It comes with coleslaw, crinkle-cut fries and dipping sauce, complimenting perfectly with the robust flavour. If you are a lamb lover, do also sample their Grilled Lamb Shoulder. Tender and juicy, the flesh is grilled to perfection. Laden with mushroom sauce and paired with starchy mash potatoes, it will certainly satisfy your palate. Their OriginalBeef Lasagna is also delectable, a perfect combination of al-dente lasagna skin, beef and melted cheese.

For dessert, do give their Brownies a try. The pastry itself is moist and chocolatey, with an ample amount of chocolate sauce slathered at the side. It will definitely satisfy your chocolate craving. A scoop of vanilla ice-cream is placed on top, the coolness complimenting the warm brownie well.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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