Middle Eastern cuisines have been a hit in Malaysia for the past decades since its growing popularity begins in late 1980’s. In Johor Bahru, the emergence of Arab restaurants is at a fast pace considering that people of the Gulf make up quite a population in Johor Bahru and also Singapore and the demand of the locals is also increasing day by day. But who does not love Middle Eastern cuisines? Rich with spices and herbs in every dish that it originates, the deliciousness is incomparable. Among the many restaurants, Wadi El Arab in Kg Melayu sits itself as one of the best Arab Restaurants in town along Jalan Rahman at Kg Melayu.

Alike of any other Arab cuisines, the menu is pretty extensive with the familiar choices of rice such as maqlabah, mandy, and kabsah. With lamb and chicken accompanying your choice of rice succulently mounting the rice, this place is truly a gem. Interestingly the concept it put forth is similar to what an authentic restaurant situated somewhere in the Gulf would look like with a house-like ambience and ‘sitting on the floor’ concept. Nasi Arab is also widely known to be eaten together in a big tray and meant to be shared with up to 6 people at a time and Wadi El Arab Restaurant does not want to miss this opportunity to provide the locality of Arabs to be experienced by Johoreans particularly if an enormous statue of a camel is placed in the middle of the garden ground of the place. In short, Wadi El Arab Restaurant is definitely the place to be for some good Middle Eastern cuisine experience.