Abah Beriani Restaurant is a popular Malay run business that features various delectable and quality Biryani Rice. The locals and tourists never miss out the chance to savour the delicious Biryani Rice available at this restaurant whenever they got the chance. Frankly speaking, there is never a time in a day that this place isn’t packed with customers. People from all over Malaysia will always stop by to enjoy the wonderful dishes. That is why it is better to make reservations in advance to avoid waiting for your table.


Using Arabic theme for its interior, the place is filled with elements from the Middle East – beaded and Moroccan hanging lights, Aztec fabrics, dark furniture, and paintings. However, due to the never ending flow of crowds, the place can be quite packed, and noisy. Food wise, the menu is simple and limited. It is not a bad thing though. It shows that they are really focusing in delivering the finest in what they do best. Biryani Rice is divided into three categories – Biryani Rice, Biryani Gam Rice, and Biryani Gam JDT Rice. You can also select different side dishes like chicken, lamb, or beef. The most popular set is the Biryani Gam JDT Rice. The set comes with poppadum, curry, pickled cucumber and pineapple, tea egg, and Drive M7 Energy Drink.


Tea time snacks are also up on their menu for those who prefer something less heavy. Different from any regular restaurants, this one offers desserts. They have several sweet items for you to end your meal on a sweet note. Trifle Pudding, Tiramisu, and Cheese tart are among the diners’ favourite picks. This place has been featured in many television shows and has been visited by many local celebrities. If that doesn’t make you want to try out Abah Beriani Restaurant, we don’t know what will.