For those who are a big fan of biryani rice, this is one in Johor that you must not miss out on. Locals love it there and you sure will do too. Recipe made to perfection since 1969 and has been brought down by the next generation, continuing the legacy of this tasty biryani rice.

It all started when Ms Siti Normah Eras cooked up this recipe 49 years ago who at that time was a known chef around the area of Kampung Pasir, Tampoi, Johor. Now this unique legacy has been passed down the next generation, Ms Nilam Shalwani, who is also skilled in  recreating the recipe to taste exactly the way it is 49 years ago.

Their top 3 signature dishes would be the Nasi Biryani Ayam Merah which is cook to perfection and drizzled with a generous portion of sauce. Another would be the Nasi Biryani Ayam and Nasi Biryani Kambing which is soft and tender mutton.

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