Nestled within The Gardens Mall of Mid Valley City, adjacent to Mid Valley Megamall, The Han Room brings about a Chinese culinary scene befitting of royalty right before your very eyes.

Here in The Han Room, where the environment largely resembles one of elegant fine dining, prospecting patrons will be accommodated with Chinese cuisine that has both aesthetics and flavours incorporated in its making. Behind the scenes, an army of dedicated chefs work tirelessly, toiling before the stoves to churn out storms of decadent culinary marvels that will indubitably be embedded in your memories for years to come.

Menu wise, this particular restaurant of higher echelon brings forth banquet style as well as Chinese stir-fry dishes that can very well accommodate four to five pax at any given sitting. Patrons can either opt for the restaurant's recommended set deals or proceed with a la carte orders. Needless to say, the former brings about better value for money but be warned as certain sets can bring about a hefty charge per head -to a staggering RM1,000 and above. Of course, the quality of the ingredients entailed is proportional to the amount spent, so fret not as you will be in a treat of a lifetime as you have your take in consumption of abalones, shark fin, succulent seafood, roasted pork, chicken as well as assortment of vegetables. 

However, this particular luxury-oozing-restaurant does not only cater to scrumptious over-the-top Chinese culinary feasts. Others, particularly those of middle-income class, frequent this particular restaurant for its delectable Chinese Dim Sum fare that leaves no room for nitpicking. Made available throughout the day, the restaurant ushers in a steady stream of customers, all eager to sample their flavourful dim sum which are pleasing for both sight and taste.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Thursday, Saturday
Every day

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