Sheng Mun 城门 Kuala Lumpur

Bars are the usual go to spot on a friday night out but in the recent years it’s not only a place that for people to get a tipsy but also a place to wind down and enjoy some good company and music. Keeping that in mind, Sheng Mun 城门 aims to bring a twist to the conventional bar by bringing in a Chinese twist with their in house specialty Chinese alcoholic beverages and food!

Tucked away in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Plaza Arkadia in Desa Park City, this bar started back in June of 2018 by an owner that is in love with the ancient yet fascinating Chinese culture. After a visit to China, the owner wanted to bring that love and interest into the typical western bars that are spread across the country nowadays. 

Which is what inspired this beautiful traditional yet contemporary interior of the bar. Adorned with splashes of red, the symbolic color of the Chinese culture alongside lanterns and various Chinese paraphernalia, Sheng Mun 城门 is definitely taking it up a notch with their customary Chinese culture concept that spread from the food to the walls!

Speaking of food! We were served a couple of their signature beverages and mains which of course hailed from the largest country in Asia! Starting with their cocktails, we had the Medicine Pot and Sorbet and they are both made from Gao Liang which is a Chinese alcohol as opposed to the usual booze used in other bars.  

Medicine Pot

The Medicine Pot is a fusion of alcohol and the Tan Ngan Lo medicated tea and filled with liquid nitrogen for a little smoky yet cooling effect! We promise that it does not taste bitter like grandma’s Chinese herbal concoctions regardless of how it looked but it definitely embodies a strong flavor of the alcohol with a hint of herbal sweetness.


The Sorbet on the other hand is a pleasantly sweet with a strawberry flavour! Liquid nitrogen is poured on top beforehand for a firm freezing surface and topped with edible mahjong paper tiles! 

Sweet & Sour

Now on to their signature dishes, the Sweet and Sour truly blew our minds away with it’s icy cold exterior that surrounds the pork bits! It might seem weird at first but the ice packs a cold kick to the crunchy skin and when you bite into it the insides are still steamy hot which makes it the ultimate yet odd combination! 

Braised Pork Ribs

Lastly, we had the Braised Pork Ribs! The ribs are braised in Chinese herb and spice and drizzled with a homemade sauce. The sauce provided a sweet yet mildly spicy kick to the flavorful and succulent ribs!

Other than the oriental concept and cocktails, Sheng Mun’s also attracts people with their live music by a band that performs every single day! (Monday to Thursday 8.30 -11.45pm, Friday to Saturday 9.30pm - 12.45pm) As well as happy hours, the bar is also pet friendly therefore guests can bring their furkids and have a great time together at Sheng Mun 城门!