Desserts. What do you normally think about when someone mentions to you that word? Do you immediately think about the mouth chilling ice creams? Or maybe that cup of coffee that goes with it on the side? Either way, desserts are best to have at a cosy, not too noisy café and well, a great view would be an added bonus. Even better if you happen to be with a companion – partner, mother, sister, whatever.

P.S Tokyo Café is a Japanese inspired café serving desserts while providing customers with a place to enjoy their afternoon at with picture worthy interior. One should plan ahead before heading over as during peak hours (actually most of time) traffic can be quite heavy and car parking spots are also a hassle to come by. Finding the café may not be as easy as it sounds as the café does not actually have an obvious signboard to show to the people around that they are there. There is however, a stamp of their logo on the window. 

Before anything else, the interior design of the place features the idea of a blend of minimalistic and industrialism décor, perfect for those who want to have desserts in a unique place. Unsophisticated by elegant steel stools and wooden tables dominates the place, nicely arranged for maximum spaciousness. While here do give their signature Soft Serve a go, you would not be disappointed. It comes in three main flavours, milk, roasted tea and green tea. Also, their range of cakes are not to be missed out.