Fish Frog Biggie Kuala Lumpur

When it is warm out, there's nothing quite like cooking fish on the grill—it's fresh-tasting and just seems like summer. And with so many fish varieties and flavor combinations to choose from, the options may seem endless. Yuwadak offers one delicious choice after another including classic mala and signature perialla sauce.

Yuwadaka is a well-known restaurant brand in China and they own more than 200 branches in China.It is the first trendy roasting bar in Malaysia. You will definitely enjoy their super cool environment. Having various flavour grilled fish here including classic spicy, fragrance spicy,golden sour and spicy, signature perialla sauce and peerless double pepper, as well as non-spicy golden garlic and mushroom chicken sauce.There are 3 types of fish, talapia,high fin patin and tiger grouper to choose. They also provide delicious BBQ, there are skewers, grilled scallops, grilled abalone and grilled lamb rack. Their drinks are super large and sweet and exceedingly delicious. Marinated preserved egg with sesame sauce and marinated cucumber with spicy sauce are their signature appetizer you should try. Here are some signatures that you should not miss!

SIgnature Perialla Sauce Talapia

Perilla has a special aroma, which makes the flavor of talapia very unique. The perialla removes the earthy and fishy smell. Talapia flesh they serve is white, tender and somewhat firm with a flaky texture. Talapia tastes mild and sweet. When perilla meets tilapia, the sourness is just nice, you can feel the sauce become spicy and spicy.Most people will order a set which comes with Talapia with the flavors you choose, an appetizer, 2 pieces of chicken wings, 2 rice and their fresh passion lime. So, you enjoy their signature grill fish with the flavour you want !

Classic Mala High Fin Patin


If you're feeling adventurous, here's our own take on the delicious and addictive paste so you can have mala anytime you want. The high fin patin is moist and tender but after roasted it, the surface is crispy. Accompanying vegetables are cooked with mala hot sauce, salted black bean paste and pickled chili, which has a spicy taste. The fish is really good, with a spicy subtle clean taste and a firm yet tenderly soft texture when it goes into your mouth. A grand party and taste buds gathered on a plate.

Golden Sour & Spicy Tiger Grouper

Strong flavour lover must love it.It is definitely a delicious dish, though with much credit going to the freshness of the fish itself, The fish is covered with a thick sauce and many vegetables on it. The fish is placed in a huge metal tray with a mini stove below to keep the temperature. In this way, the vegetables will continue to be cooked in the sauce until they are charred and become very flavorful.

Grill Abalone

The flavor is naturally buttery and salty, thanks to the salt water in which it lives. The sauce brings abalone to spicy and juicy.There's a chewiness to it, like a calamari steak, but that's not a bad thing.

Grill NZ Beef & Grill NZ Lamb & Grill Pork Belly

The bite of this skewers is full of tender beef and beef fat aroma, slightly sweetened.Lamb will secrete a layer of fat when grilled, and form a thin crispy skin after grilling. You can savor the juice in one bite.The chef brushes the raw meat with the homemade seasoning oil, chili and cumin and other seasonings, and puts them on the charcoal stove, so that the raw meat skewers can be both smoked and flavorful.