DP Ice Cream Gula Apong Kampung Baru Kuala Lumpur

DP Ice Cream Gula Apong

Positioned in Kampung Baru, DP Ice Cream Gula Apong is known to serve their ice-cream in only one flavor, which is the gula apong flavor. The stall is quite small, since they do not provide a dining area. Although they only provide gula apong flavor, the ice-cream comes in different sizes such as small, big and in a cone, which customers can choose based on their preference.

 Gula Apong ice-cream

There is not a huge difference of sizes between the small and big sized ice cream. Although if you’re a huge fan of gula apong flavor, you should definitely get the bigger size! The ice-cream is made of nipah palm sugar. The ice-cream itself is rich, sweet and creamy. To add some crunch, the ice-cream is topped with an appropriate amount of nestum! The nestum definitely helps to balance the texture and flavor of the overall ice-cream.