DayOne DayOne Kuala Lumpur

Getting bored of local food? You should try DayOne DayOne! DayOne DayOne is a Taiwanese and Japanese fusion restaurant located in Mont Kiara. Most of their fresh ingredients are imported from Taiwan. They localise their food, in order to better cater to the tastes of Malaysians.

They serve various sets of meals at a reasonable price. If you don't want to eat heavy food, you can try their salad. They are vegetarian-friendly as well! Are you a dessert lover? Don't worry! DayOne DayOne provides many dessert options, but they’re only available for dinner and during the weekends.  


Here are some signatures you shouldn’t miss!

Japanese Pork Cutlet Chew-Chew Noodle

One of their signatures, it comes with miso soup. The pork cutlet is moist and crunchy! It goes well with the mayo. The meat is very tender, and the flavouring is just nice. The handmade noodles are made without using any preservatives! Their noodles are chewy and springy enough. Handmade noodles topped with savoury diced pork; it truly is an enjoyment for the taste buds.

Signature Minced Pork Rice Set

Minced Pork Rice Set is a very simple but comforting dish, consisting of small cubes of braised pork marinated in thick, dark gravy, served over piping hot steamed rice. When you get your bowl of Minced Pork Rice, you can mix the gravy with your rice. The taste of the sauce coating over each grain of rice is the very definition of comfort food. Its chili oil from Taiwan, boiled eggs, braised tofu, and fresh cabbage will totally complete your experience. 

Beef Slices Hot Pot

Spicy food lovers where you at? You all can't miss this! The spiciness is just perfect for anyone who loves spicy food. The combination of the mala soup and the beef is just perfect. Their beef is a must-have when you are trying their hot pot. It is fresh and the meal is full of vegetables, mushrooms, and tofu. It also has an egg, cooked using the heat of the gravy. If you are new to mala, you are suggested to try their non-spicy version. It comes in a clay pot to keep the soup warm and tasty, so that customers don't have to worry about the food being cold in the middle of their meal. 

Chew-Chew Noodle with Stewed Beef Soup

A perfectly orchestrated bowl of savoury and salty deliciousness consists of tender beef, delicious broth, fresh handmade noodles, some cabbages, minced pork, an absolutely necessary pinch of Chinese pickled mustard, as well as fresh scallions and coriander. The cabbage sweetens the soup while the beef adds the umami. The soup is rich and delicious with its richly flavoured meat. With its chewy noodles and fresh beef soup, it is a wonderful combination that you should try!

Signature Minced Pork Chew-Chew Noodle with Stewed Pork Soup

For those who don’t take beef, you can try their stewed pork soup. The bits of pork fat melt to create a fork-tender texture that leaves you wanting more! The hearty broth is so rich and flavourful. The dish is served with meatballs which go really well with the sauce. If you’ve never had Taiwanese food, this is a great way to start!

Taiwanese Crispy Chicken Chop

No need to fly to Taiwan to taste their authentic chicken chop! DayOne DayOne serves Taiwanese crispy chicken chop as well! They usually use potato starch, resulting in a crunchier coating around the chicken pieces. This chicken chop is wonderfully juicy and very strong with its chili. 

Cold Brewed Taiwan Tea

Having a meal without a drink is not perfect. Their brewed tea will cut the grease of their rich meal. Their Four Seasons Green Tea, Osmanthus Oolong Tea, Honey Scented Black Tea and Homemade Luo Han Guo will definitely bring you the greatest enjoyment of dining!