108 Matcha Saro

Matcha is gaining popularity in most countries nowadays. Luckily, if you’re craving for anything matcha, there is a matcha-speciality café that you can go to in Kuala Lumpur. Located in Suria KLCC, 108 Matcha Saro has recently opened their first-ever outlet in Malaysia early this year. As you can tell by their name, 108 Matcha Saro specialises in all things matcha. 108 Matcha Saro was first opened in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan and their outlets have expanded since then. Their menu includes soft serve and obanyaki, along with their signature parfait and mochi.

Matcha Hokkaido Soft Serve

The first item that we were given to try is the Hokkaido Soft Serve. There is nothing much to say about this one, other than it has a really rich and creamy consistency, along with just the perfect amount of sweetness and matcha. Also, the grassiness taste of the matcha does not overpower the whole thing as the flavor is balanced nicely with the cone.

 Matcha Soft Serve Parfait Deluxe

This Matcha Soft Serve Parfait Deluxe has been said to be one of their best sellers! The parfait serves quite a big portion of the matcha soft serve with plenty of different toppings. The bottom layer is the brown sugar jelly, topped with their matcha soft serve and plenty of toppings such as white mochi, matcha warabi mochi, brown sugar jelly, red bean, soybean warabi mochi and lastly, their matcha syrup. The toppings are made very well with a chewy and soft texture.

 108 Matcha LOVE Parfait

This 108 Matcha LOVE Parfait is pretty similar to the Matcha Soft Serve Parfait Deluxe, except that it has more matcha flavor. Unlike the Matcha Soft Serve Parfait Deluxe that has a hint of red bean and soybean topping, this one is full-on matcha, from the bottom layer to the toppings. Hence, if you are a huge matcha lover and can handle a lot of matcha in one serving, this is a must-try! Along with a huge swirl of the matcha soft serve are the toppings, such as white mochi, matcha jelly, matcha warabi mochi and topped with some matcha syrup. Nonetheless, all of the toppings go well with the soft serve.

Iced Matcha Green Tea Float

108 Matcha Saro offers both Iced Matcha Green Tea with and without the “float”. For this particular drink, instead of a plain Matcha Green Tea, this Iced Matcha Green Tea Float comes with a huge swirl of matcha soft serve on top! Just like any other matcha drinks, this Matcha Green Tea has an earthy and grassy taste, with a minimal taste of bitterness. The matcha soft serve is added on top to add some sweetness into the drink. If that is not enough matcha for you, matcha syrup is also poured on top of the drink! 


Jelly Matcha Latte

If you like anything jelly and matcha, you must try this drink! Instead of a plain Matcha Latte, this drink is quite unique because jelly is added into the matcha latte. This drink contains the obvious, which is the jelly, some matcha syrup, matcha powder and milk. The matcha powder is whisked with hot water using the bamboo brush into the drink. To make the matcha latte, the matcha powder mixture is then mixed with steamed milk. The jelly is a good addition to the drink, so people would have something to chew on as they’re drinking the Matcha Latte.

Ice Hojicha Latte

This drink is one of the selections that isn’t green on the menu because it is Hojicha! Hojicha is a type of Japanese green tea, but unlike other green teas, hojicha is roasted after the leaves are steamed. This Iced Hojicha Latte has a very strong flavor even on the first sip. The drink is meant to have hojicha’s signature earthy and unique smoky taste. If you’re all about eating/drinking healthy and prefer sugar-free drinks, this one's for you! In order to keep the drinks healthy, they don’t add any additional sugar to the drink, hence the slightly bitter taste.


Double Chocolate + Matcha Dough Obanyaki

Obanyaki is a popular Japanese snack sort of like a stuffed pancake, which is round and stuffed with various fillings. This particular obanyaki is made with matcha dough and filled with double chocolate filling. Obanyakis are best to eat when it is freshly made and warm, while the filling is still gooey. The Matcha Dough Obanyaki is soft and fluffy, yet the inside is moist from the chocolate filling. It is filled with an appropriate amount of the chocolate filling that can be tasted in every bite! The moisture that comes from the filling is a good combination with the soft and fluffy Matcha Obanyaki. This obanyaki is the perfect combination for those who like chocolate and matcha.


Custard + Original Dough Obanyaki

108 Matcha Saro has everything for everyone. With that being said, if you’re not a really big fan of matcha or even chocolate, you may try the Custard + Original Dough Obanyaki. Even though this obanyaki seems plain and it is not loaded with multiple types of different fillings, the combination of the original dough with the custard filling can never go wrong. The obanyaki itself is soft and fluffy while the sweetness of the custard is just enough, along with its thick and silky texture, as it should be.

Red Bean Paste with Warabi Mochi + Matcha Dough

Similar to the others, the dough of this obanyaki has a soft and fluffy texture. It is filled with a generous amount of the red bean filling that will fill up your mouth with every bite. The red bean paste tastes earthy and sweet, while the taste of the bean is still present. The texture of the paste is smooth and thick, without ruining the overall taste of the obanyaki. It is best eaten when it’s still warm and freshly made so that the red bean filling tastes better.

Mix Flavor Warabi Mochi

108 Matcha Saro offers two flavors of warabi mochi, which are the soybean powder and matcha powder. You can purchase them separately or get the Mix Flavor Warabi Mochi instead. This Mix Flavor mochi comes in a box of 24 pieces of mochi with 12 pieces of each flavor, which is perfect for a little get-together or even as a gift. The mochi has a chewy texture and it melts in your mouth immediately. The soybean powder mochi has a slightly dry and nutty taste while the matcha powder mochi has a rich-earthy taste.