Mutiara Figs produces homemade products and artisan food sourced from their very own fig garden. Their best-selling product, the addictive savoury salted egg tapioca chips with figs promise good crunch in every bite.

They also have Sambal Bilis Fig, freshly made from cili api, anchovies, and of course figs, which brings natural flavour to the sambal. The sambal is best served with rice, fried rice, grilled fish and seafood.

Mutiara Figs also has the unique fig tea. The fig leaves are handpicked from their own farm, washed and dried with special equipment to produce high quality tea. The Mutiara Figs tea leaves have nutritional content and natural flavour. When brewed, the tea leaves will be in bright green hue and has a delightful nutty aroma similar to that of coconut.

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