The name Hungry Dino is synonymous with the food truck that goes to different locations everyday in Kuching.

They offer an array of delish foods such as delights such as Dino's Homemade Beef Burger, Salted Egg Croissants, and Salted Egg Chips.

Their signature Homemade Beef Burger has that perfect greasy and cheesy ratio that will certainly make you come back for more.

Following all the salted egg craze that has gone viral, Hungry Dino also came up with their Salted Egg Croissants which offers you that rich golden salted egg goodness in the crescent shape pastry.

However all the salted egg mania does not end there, Hungry Dino also has their savoury salted egg yolk chips. The addictive snack that may prompt you to hunt for more can be purchased from their food truck, or at The Stage Kch @ Brighton Square, Kuching.

To keep updated with their daily location, you may follow their Instagram @hungrydino.kch or their Facebook page.

Other than food truck, Hungry Dino also has lunch delivery service, Lunch! by Hungry Dino (Instagram: @lunchbyhungrydino) which delivers at 11am-1pm everyday.

Email: Contact No.: +60165750156 (Kuching) +60165753226 (Sibu) +60105915748 (Miri)