Having their own Golden Salted Egg series specialising in bringing gourmet goodness, Hou Sek (which means Super Tasty or Sedap Giler) has one of the best salted egg chips in Malaysia.

Their salted egg chips - potato chips that come with the lavishness that only a salted duck egg yolk could offer – are a perfect illustration of the gourmet snacks they claim to offer.

Other than potato chips, they also have Salted Egg Fish Skin and Crispy Original Fish Skin. The Salted Egg Fish Skin is the crunchiest and tastiest salted egg yolk flavoured fish skin coated with a tinge of spice.

If the savoury taste is not what you are after, you may also opt for the Crispy Original Fish Skin.

They also offer prosperity bundle, all three kinds of chips in one package, for RM50. Purchase can be made online via their official website, Facebook, or the largest eCommerce platform, Shopee.

Website: www.housek.co
Facebook: www.facebook.com/housekgourmetsnacks Instagramwww.instagram.com/housekgourmetsnacks
Email: [email protected]