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Roti Jala, literally translated as “Net Bread”, is among the prime examples of Penang’s booming street food which are absolutely rave-worthy. Be it breakfast or evening snack, this crepe-like dish ticks all boxes to tingle your taste buds. Thin threads of batter are skillfully dropped like swirls onto huge hot pan which solidifies the batter, then folded pleasantly. It’s usually paired with rich chicken curry for a lip-smacking combination. Cheap, casual and sinfully delicious, spots below are worth spending extra time on the treadmill as it’s a full-fledged savory ride. 

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    For many, Roti Jala isn’t a meal to keep you going all day long, as it’s thin and needs a slab of meat to fill your tummy up. Changing your frame of mind is this simple stall, which is located under a tree at the roundabout of Teluk Bahang. It’s widely known by cyclists who require great boost of energy to complete their trail. Huge portion of batter is spread onto the huge pan, and then folded into thick layers of eggy goodness. You can choose either chicken, fish, beef or dhal curry to unify the bed of swirls. With gentle rays of sunlight and scrumptious roti jala, end your climax with a shot of frothy teh tarik, gastronomic joy guaranteed. 


    Their roti canai is good too

    Things to expect

    Humble and easy-going ambiance

    Best with

    Teh Tarik


    RM1.00 to RM8.00

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    Roti Jala @ Belimbing Cafe View restaurant

    Belimbing Cafe, Jalan Teluk Bahang (close to the roundabout), 11200, Georgetown, Penang
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    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
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