Best Risotto in Subang Jaya

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More often than not, in the wake of Italian culinary delights, many a few food aficionados' gourmet schematics will irrevocably think of their all-time-favourite pizzas or pastas whenever Italian food are mentioned. However, in all earnest, Italian food does encompass the usage of the humble rice within their culinary dictionary and the result comes in the form of risottos. If you have never come across such a dish and hence, can't -in any possible manner; fathom the characteristics of this delectable, versatile dish, think of your everyday nondescript porridge fare but only this case, riddled with exquisite Italian flavours. Despite that, unlike your usual congee, risotto requires much attention to detail when whipping it up on your own but in case you can't, fret not for we have whipped up for you instead a list of places nestled within Subang Jaya where you can find yourself scarfing down these palatable Italian delight. Bon appetit!

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