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Today’s porridge dish seems to have evolved from its infamous predecessor. Back then when we think of porridge, we think of it as staple food for the sick (more like we’re being pressured by our mums to take them). However, today the ingredients and the method of serving have changed and we see people in perfect health indulging in this meal at stalls. There are various taste and forms of porridge, ranging from the standard shredded chicken to something fancy like scallops and crabs. Regardless of which, we can safely say that a bowl of porridge will always be a form of comfort food and sometimes, somewhat a luxury.

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    Ong Lai @ Sunway PyramidNon halal 01f78899591256b47a2708a65f6538333b86089a30fbd22545a41deece4ea490

    The pork intestine porridge at Ong Lai certainly keeps it siple and retains its comfort food charm. This bowl of congee has Chinese crullers, mushrooms, ginger, papadam, and spring onions. Though it is bland for the most part, the porridge still has quite a bit of flavour, and a big contributor to this is the addition of spring onions and ginger. What works with this greatly are the pieces of pork intestine that provide the dish with a rich flavour, as well as some additional texture from its chewiness. The Chinese crullers and papadam help provide that textural balance in the dish with its crunchiness, making every bite pleasurable.


    Add other condiments to your bowl of porridge for more flavour such as soy sauce.

    Things to expect

    The claypot might be very hot when it’s first served, so be careful.

    Best with

    The tropical teas to help cleanse the palette after enjoying this dish.



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    Ong Lai @ Sunway Pyramid View restaurant

    OB.K9 Ground Floor Sunway Pyramid Jalan PJS 11/15 Bandar Sunway, 47500, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
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