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A dish typically made with a simple mixture of rice and water and boiled until it softens, rice porridge (or congee) is one of the traditional Chinese foods with a history spanning thousands of years. Plain porridge is bland to the taste and is often served with an assortment of side dishes, while porridge cooked with additional ingredients such as meat, fish and flavourings are served as a meal on its own. Prior to serving, various types of condiments such as white pepper, soy sauce and sesame oil are sprinkled on top of a bowl of piping-hot porridge to boost its overall taste.

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    “Excuse me, will you pass me the soy sauce and pepper?” is what you would not say when ordering the porridge here. Tucked in their unique and exquisite breakfast menu, the Chilli Beef Porridge at Sitka is nothing less than treacle, robust, and vibrant. Centered with a 64c egg and sprinkled with speckles of local herbs, julienned chillies, and of course- minced beef, your palate will be lavished with a subtle explosion of savoury, sweet, and umami-infused flavours. Not to mention the al dente texture from the porridge. 


    Park inside to avoid summons.

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    A cozy and comfortable place to start off the day.

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    Chilli Beef Porridge, Desserts


    RM5.00 to RM50.00

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    Sitka View restaurant

    8-5, Jalan Batai, 50490, Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur
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