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Melaka is not only well known for its historical and heritage trail, but it is also famous for its diversity in food too. As of today, you will be exposed to the meaning of otak-otak and where to locate it. During the early days, all ingredients were blend together to produce otak-otak, and it looked alike like a human brain. Thus, the reason behind why it is known as otak-otak. More often than not, otak-otak is made with fish paste, and it is prepared by grilling or steaming. A grilled otak-otak is reddish in colour and is more fragrant, whereas a steamed otak-otak appears as a pale-reddish orangey colour, tender to eat and is somewhat squashy. To get some delicious otak-otak in town, delve into the best otak otak in Melaka.

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    Melaka Nyonya Village

    Melaka Nyonya Village is a restaurant where you can witness live traditional Nyonya cultural performances while dining, in addition to an event venue. It resembles a gallery that showcases Peranakan porcelains and other delicate Straits-born Chinese collectibles, hence it also serves various Nyonya delights too. If you’re wondering what to get for a side dish, start with its otak-otak, topped with sambal paste in the middle. Finish it off with a bowl of cendol to cleanse your palate.


    Opens daily.

    Things to expect

    A cozy restaurant with al fresco indoor and outdoor dining area provided.

    Best with

    Sambal Bendi.


    RM10.00 to RM20.00

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    Melaka Nyonya Village View restaurant

    178, Jalan Parameswara, 75000, Melaka, Melaka
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    Open Now
    Every day
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