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    Nasi Lemak Maklong

    Nasi Lemak is known to be one of Malaysia’s famous dishes. It can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s up to your preference. What’s unique about this dish is that you can eat it with many kinds of “lauk”.

    Great news for Kajang people because there is a very delicious Nasi lemak stall for you to try. Located at Sg Merab, known as “Nasi lemak Maklong” is surely a place for you to visit. Serving you with various kinds of combinations for you to choose from, you will be drooling and want to try all of it!

    One of their best dishes on the menu is the Nasi Lemak with Paru. The Softness of the paru (beef Lung) is what makes it taste different from the other paru you have eaten. It is cooked till it’s so soft so it’s suitable for all to eat.

    Their Nasi lemak Ayam goreng and Sambal Kerang is another special dish of theirs too. Serving the freshly fried chicken is what makes this stall always crowded with customers. And the freshness of the kerang is something everyone likes.

    Rendang is also one of the famous dishes known in Malaysia. Which is also served to eat with the nasi lemak. The tenderness of the meat is perfect and it is served hot from the wok.


    Apart from that they also serve a variety of “kuih” here. One of the special “kuih” they have here is the “kuih keria”. It only cost RM3 for 5 big pieces and it is surely worth the try.

    Maklong Nasi Lemak has been open for two years and it will continue to fill up tummies and leave everyone satisfied. So to all the Nasi Lemak lovers out there if you are looking for a nasi lemak stall to dine in then head over to Nasi Lemak Maklong is the way to go.


    Come early for fresh cooked

    Things to expect

    Hot and Freshly cooked dish

    Best with

    Nasi lemak Paru


    RM5.00 to RM10.00

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    Nasi Lemak Maklong View restaurant

    Itik Salai Masthar Sg Merab, Jalan Haji Yusoff , 43000, Kajang, Selangor
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