Best French Fries in PJ

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There’s always been the debate of where French Fries originated from. Of course most of us would think from France but legend has it that it actually originated in Belgium and was brought by the Spaniards to France and then somehow the Americans got involved when they started commercializing those golden potato strips to the world as French Fries through their famous fast food chain. Enough of history telling, there is no doubt french fries will last through the ever changing global tastebuds, and that is rather amazing for something so simple and yet sinful.A large portion of society loves and still loves fries-be it curly fries, wavy fries, tornado fries,crinkle cut, or shoestring . Some even claimed they’ve tried it all; but really?? In this edition of top french fries in PJ, let us know if you’ve already explored all of them !

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