Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Melaka

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With the introduction of distinctive culinary styles in Malaysia adopted from the influence of French, Italian, Peranakan, Indonesia and more, fine dining restaurants have been developed to allow society to experience a truly exceptional fine dining experience, showcasing intermix exotic cuisines in addition to a sublime contemporary ambiance. Steak is offered as one of the main and luxury dishes in most fine dining places, along with exceptional wines and cocktails. Meanwhile, local cuisines from the influences of Indonesia such as “Rendang” and “Kuih Pai Tee” from the Peranakan, also known as Baba Nyonya are served as a fine dining menu item. Last but not least, from savouring a continental breakfast buffet to concluding with a flaming French dessert, the best fine dining in Melaka on this page has it all!

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    The Mansion

    The Mansion is a fine dining restaurant of Majestic Hotel, also known as one of the award-winning classic hotels that belongs to the hospitality arm of YTL Group, the YTL Hotels.  Given its well-preserved exterior look that resembles the rich culture in the heritage city of Melaka, diners are assured to indulge into a diversity of cuisines from the Peranakan and influences from the past rulers of Melaka such as the Portuguese, Dutch and English. As Melaka is particularly known for its Peranakan cuisine, for first timers, you should definitely try the “Kuih Pai Tee”, a thin, delicate and crispy tart shells filled with julienned mix veggies, prawns and light toppings. On the other hand, their “Lamb Shank with Rendang Sauce” is another superb dish that fuses the taste of Portuguese and Indonesian cuisine in one palate! For chilling sessions, “The Lounge” offers light refreshments in the afternoon and “The Bar” offers a wide range of whisky and cocktails all under one roof.


    Has a casual dining area. Breakfast is also served here.

    Things to expect

    An impressive dining area in a large dwelling heritage house.

    Best with

    Earl Grey Tea with Tangerine.


    RM20.00 to RM100.00

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    The Mansion View restaurant

    The Majestic Malacca 188 Jalan Bunga Raya, 75100 Melaka., 75100, Melaka, Melaka
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