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I think it's pretty safe to say that us Malaysians love to use our grit and teeth when it comes to cracking shells open to reveal luscious meat. Crabs, lobsters, prawns, clams, we love them all! As for crabs, the crustacean is a great source of nutrients, particularly protein and vitamin B12. Their meat is also low in fat and contains about 82 calories per 3 ounces. Salted egg, butter, chili and so on, there are many ways to elevate our crabby world. Therefore, let's cut the crab and get to the chase for the best ones in Klang!

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    Fresh from the sea, Coconut Flower's crabs are not only salt-kissed but also made in various styles. Classic kam heong, sweet and sour, wet butter and so on, these crabs are like a silent masterpiece as its looks can somewhat be deceiving through all that mess. But hey, then again there should be nothing neat about eating fresh crabs with shells that require your very own hands to crack open. Some call it a mess, we call it the art of eating (crabs, at least).


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