Best Cheesecakes In Sri Kembangan

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    Cheese cake lover where you at?????? Good news for you because YUANBYKON offers you a variety flavour of delicious homemade Burnt Cheesecake such as sweet potato, Yam, Dark chocolate and many more!!! You can order their cakes in whole or their famous Trio Boxes. These homemade burnt cheesecake will surely make your taste buds tingle when eating it.

    YUANBYKON idea begin during the pandemic hit of Covid-19. The idea sparked by the continuous “ajak” from their close friends during MCO period. They have received numberless of instagram DM enquiring them about their burnt cheese cake. People’s have been asking “ Eh, selling burnt cheesecakes?” after they saw an instagram story of the fresh cakes from the oven.

    After running for a few weeks of this small business, they then decided to open up their own brand. And that’s where YUANBYKON was originated with the intention to serve the best soft gooey creamy center texture BCC to our customer.

    The brand name 'Yuan' is originated from the Chinese word '', meaning the origin or root idea of their value to customer and how they started up this small business. An extra unique fact is that 'kon' is also their surname/family last name.




    What we got to try are their best sellers also known as their Trio Boxes. The first Trio Box consist of three different flavour which are original, Houjicha and also Matcha. Each of this cakes has their own texture and taste.

    The second box that we try is the Taroto Trio Box which is made up of three different cakes. Each of the Trio Box has the original Classic Burnt Cheesecake. For this box the unique flavours are Taro and Purple Sweet Potato. At first glance, it may look unusual for a cheesecake to look like that but once you tried it you’ll be craving for more.  Each box is sold for RM45.

    Currently they are running this small business in with the helps of their siblings and friends. Hopefully someday in the future this small business will open up a store of its own!


    Contact through social media

    Things to expect

    Various Flavour

    Best with

    Trio Boxes


    RM45.00 to RM120.00

    More info
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