Best Beef Noodles in KL

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Soup or dry, beef noodles are among the top favourite comfort food for many local Chinese in Malaysia. Typically, you can find various types of beef noodles in hawker stall or restaurant with hearty amount of various beef ranging from beef tripe, beef ball, beef brisket, minced beef (used in the dry version) and beef mix (also known as “ngau chap” in Cantonese). Whilst the dry version is usually prepared with yellow noodles, you have the additional option to choose either flat rice noodles (“hor fun”) or vermicelli to go for the soup version. A good bowl of beef noodles in a soup lies on the rich, yet flavourful broth with chunks of beef juicy and tender enough to the bite. No doubt that beef noodles is a fulfiling and wholesome meal that can be enjoyed day or night. Mmm… speaking of that, who’s up for some beefy goodness?

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    Lai Foong Beef NoodleNon halal 01f78899591256b47a2708a65f6538333b86089a30fbd22545a41deece4ea490

    Believe it or not, this particular stall situated at the Chinese corner restaurant in Jalan Tun H.S. Lee has been around for generations since 1956! Not only it was one of the oldest beef noodle stalls in KL, but also among the best if you are a true beef lover. The herb-infused beef broth is especially robust that it won’t be surprising if you end up polishing the whole bowl as clean as a whistle. Apart from the appetising mix of pickled vegetable as well as chopped spring onions, the beef selections (brisket, tripe, lean meat or beef balls) are both tasty and pleasing enough that every mouthful is oh-so-satisfying!

    If you love spicy stuff, don’t forget to dip the beef chunk on the fiery chilli sauce for that extra kick in your taste bud!

    Things to expect

    Traditional beef noodles with generous ingredients for a wholesome meal.

    Best with

    Iced Chrysataneum Tea.


    RM13.00 to RM16.00

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    Lai Foong Beef Noodle View restaurant

    138, Jalan Tun H S Lee, City Centre, 50050, Kuala lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
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