By specializing in cheese tart, PABLO serves you freshly baked tarts from Mini tarts to Premium Cheese Tart. Not only these yummy tarts, you can treat yourself with their smooth sexy Cheese Pudding , paired with PABLO Signature Coffee. 

Located at the 2nd Floor of Old Wing, One Utama Shopping Mall, PABLO definitely attracts the attention of all the patrons passing by the store with the cheese aroma along the level. The process of baking Cheese Tart is continuous for that particular day and they do not present the the previous days' menu. This is to ensure the freshness and quality of the tarts to be enjoyed by everyone with full of satisfaction.  

Their secret recipe of baking cheese tart took more than half a year to make it a perfect  formulation and marvelous! The unique texture and exclusive taste of their Freshly Baked Cheese Tart is one of the example of their success. This is because of the differences they bring in the form of favorable cheese tart is more outstanding than normal cheese tarts. Plus, Freshly Bakes Cheese Tart represents Pablo's identity. 

Yes, Soft Serve Ice Cream also is available! (This why I love Pablo!) With two different tastes of soft serves, you can get them either in Matcha Cheese or Cheese. (I took both!)