Fahrenheit 600 Solaris Dutamas

The catchy name of this restaurant is enough to tickle your curiosity, yet no worries it’s fully air conditioned and the name comes from their wood-fire brick oven where the temperature is scorching up to 600F. Wood-fire brick oven? You guessed it right, pizza and pasta galore is what you get in this comfy restaurant.

Upon entering you’ll be amazed at the interior which seems to be a lovechild of a pizzeria and swanky dining. Exposed brick walls, charming old-school wall posters, wooden table and chairs are just picturesque. Aforementioned, the pizzas are made is 600F which is said to be most ideal heat for pizzas and the brick oven is all the way from America.

You don’t expect thin crust pizzas here; they are rather chewy and a little thicker, which complements the generous toppings and oozing rich cheese on the crispiness edges. Following the name of the restaurant, the pizzas have unique names too such as Popeye The Sailor, loaded with spinach, caramelised onions, mascarpone cheese, signature sauce and eggs, whereas Henry the Duck Pizza, which is slathered with smoked duck, reddish cherry tomatoes, avocado slices and their signature tomato sauce. As per the ingredients, you can conclude that pizzas are full of captivating colours and bold flavors. Additionally, they are served on wooden boards, which keep the rustic feel alive.

You have Pizza as Batman and surely Robin is another must-have on the menu too, pasta! Be it baked in carbonara cheese or swirled assorted sauces and toppings, this is the spot to dig in. Done with your entrée and you know you’re not done as fabulous fare of mouthwatering desserts scream from the back of the glass mirrors, from berries to rich chocolate, let your little kid in your enjoy liberally. Beverage-wise, their freshly brewed coffees and juices are best to tag along your Italian feast.


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Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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